• New issue of 2014 Retail guide

    Southern Sweden, with Malmö to the fore, is rapidly developing as a retail hub with an exciting future ahead of it. At the key communications and logistics crossroads to Scandinavia and situated at the entrance to the Baltic it is a perfect retail location.
  • Massive Entertainment

    Massive's blockbuster World in Conflict has sold millions of copies worldwide. From its Malmö base, it is a global player currently readying itself for the next step: a revolution in internet connectivity.
  • Ten Skåne startups to watch in 2015

    Skåne is bursting with brainwaves and is quickly becoming a hub for international innovation. Here are ten startups ready to change the world.

  • Protecting food, protecting futures

    For over 60 years, the leading global packaging and processing solutions company, Tetra Pak®, has provided safe, innovative and environmentally sound products to billions of people around the world.
  • Dream project Mapillary makes local knowledge available to the world

    Innovative business in Skåne: Jan Erik Solem will be recieving a $ 1.5 million investment in Malmö-based Mapillary.
  • Technology for a greener future

    An enabler of precision farming, Sensefarm provides farmers with sensor devices and real-time monitoring capability which helps them manage the storage of produce – like sugar beet clamps – while awaiting transportation to the factory.