• New issue of 2014 Retail guide

    Southern Sweden, with Malmö to the fore, is rapidly developing as a retail hub with an exciting future ahead of it. At the key communications and logistics crossroads to Scandinavia and situated at the entrance to the Baltic it is a perfect retail location.
  • Protecting food, protecting futures

    For over 60 years, the leading global packaging and processing solutions company, Tetra Pak®, has provided safe, innovative and environmentally sound products to billions of people around the world.
  • Massive Entertainment

    Massive's blockbuster World in Conflict has sold millions of copies worldwide. From its Malmö base, it is a global player currently readying itself for the next step: a revolution in internet connectivity.
  • New issue of Skåne Forward Magazine

    Innovation and its capacity to drive positive change is the main theme of the second issue of Skåne Forward. Find out why Skåne is an acknowledged innovation hotspot.
  • Technology for a greener future

    An enabler of precision farming, Sensefarm provides farmers with sensor devices and real-time monitoring capability which helps them manage the storage of produce – like sugar beet clamps – while awaiting transportation to the factory.