• New issue of Skåne Forward Magazine

    Innovation and its capacity to drive positive change is the main theme of the second issue of Skåne Forward. Find out why Skåne is an acknowledged innovation hotspot.
  • Skåne-based Sprinkle wants to be a publicist’s best friend

    To enable expansion Sprinkle has located all development in Malmö. Behind are entrepreneurial visions, strong wills, and not least – a successful first business year.
  • 10 things that make Skåne special, inventive and fun

    Skåne may not be well known worldwide but our inventiveness is. This is the home of the milk carton, portable phone, Bluetooth and kidney dialysis. Inventions and inventive people that help keep the world turning are part of our rich and diverse culture.

  • Construction of ESS has begun

    The work on the gigantic research facility outside of Lund that is expected to become a world-leading research centre for natural sciences and technology has begun.
  • Userbin creates bigg buzz at the world’s largest startup meeting

    When they presented their idea to Silicon Valley, they were bombarded with enquiries. Now, Johan Brissmyr and Sebastian Wallin are going to make Userbin the best and safest login system in the world.